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Selected Research Publications

Burns, B. M., Merritt, J. , Chyu, L. and Gil, R. (2019) The implementation of mindfulness-based, trauma-informed parent education in an underserved Latino community: The emergence of a community workforce. American Journal of Community Psychology, 63, 338-354.

Access it here:

Burns, B.M. (2018) Mindfulness-based parenting programs: Significance for young children experiencing adversity and trauma. In T. G. Plante (Ed.)  Healing With Spiritual Practices: Proven Techniques for Disorders from Addictions and Anxiety to Cancer and Chronic Pain. NY: Praeger. p. 130-142

May, M., Fayram, E., Crespi, S., Ilcicin, M., Sherwin, E., Vaccaro, J., Franke, K., Franklin, C., Richardson*, S., Goitom, S., Dong, S. Schuller, M. & Burns, B. M. (2016) Resilient Families Community Movement. International Journal of Student Voice, Vol. 1 (1) (Animation).

Burns, B.M., Fayram, E., Strong, K., Ruiz, A., Arellano, B., Ilcisin, M., Dong, S., Schuller, M., Gil, R., Franklin,C., Agelson, D., Cruz, V., Crespi, S., Vaccaro, J. (2015) Resilient Families Program: Promoting young children’s resilience through parenting. International Wheelock Journal of Children, Families and Social Change. e1-e9


Burns, B. M. and Maritz, Y. (2015) Mindful parents, resilient children: The significance of compassion for parenting. In Plante, T. G. (Ed.) Maximize Compassion, Minimize Cruelty: Psychological, Spiritual, and Religious Influences. NY: Praeger. 

Burns, B. M., Senturias, Y., Davis, L.B. (2015) Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: A pilot study exploring parental experiences and a FASD education program. Fetal Alcohol Forum, 12, FASD Medical e-network, 26-30.

Senturias, Y. & Burns, B. M. (2014). Managing children and adolescents with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder in the Medical Home.  Current Problems in Pediatric and Adolescent Health Care, 44(4), 96-101.


Burns, B. M., Haynes, L., Bauer, A., Shetty, A., Mendoza, J. Fregoso, F., Strong, K., Arellano, B. (2013). Strengthening children’s resilience through parenting: A pilot study. Therapeutic Communities: International Journal of Therapeutic Communities, 34(4), 121-131.

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