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parenting programs for families of young children

      Art by Marianna Moore SCU 2017

Strengthen Resilience in Families of Young Children in Your Community

The design of Safe, Secure and Loved: Resilient Families Parent Education Programs has been guided by scientific discoveries regarding the science of resilience, neurobiology of stress, and clinical psychology. 


Safe, Secure and Loved: Resilient Families Parent Education Programs provide parents with practical knowledge about how they can strengthen aspects of young children’s resilience through daily family activities and more mindful parent-child interactions.

Parents from diverse communities have embraced the Safe, Secure and Loved community approach to strengthening family and community resilience. Communities of parents have affirmed the importance of mindful and responsive parenting,  and the belief that when children feel safe, secure and loved, they can be more successful in developing a peaceful heart and a strong and flexible mind.



Across the last ten years in California, Safe, Secure and Loved: Resilient Families Parent Education Programs have transformed from community-based research interventions to community-led parent education programs.  We created SAFE, SECURE AND LOVED as a social benefits 501c(3) nonprofit in order to expand community-led parent education which addresses early childhood adversities associated with economic hardship and exposure to violence with sustainable community solutions.


Provide ways for community groups (nonprofits, faith-based institutions, schools, health-care groups) to promote family and community resilience with community-led, science-based parent education programs. Mobilize families and communities to buffer the impact of early child adversities, toxic stress and economic disadvantages. Share mindfulness-based, trauma-informed parent education   with diverse families from all communities.

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